My research is focused on ethics and moral psychology in Plato’s early and middle dialogues. My dissertation is on the relation between Platonic metaphysics and the accounts of justice found in the Gorgias and Republic.

Work in Progress


Finding the Measure Doctrine in Plato’s Protagoras
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Intellectualism and the Elenchus in the Protagoras and Gorgias
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Williams and Aristotle on the Self: A Problem and a Solution
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Other work in progress

Containment, Analysis, and Contingency in Leibniz
Abstract: There are two ways of interpreting Leibnizian complete individual concepts (CICs) following from two understandings of the “containment” of predicates in the concept. On one view, popular in the literature, containment is taken to be something like set membership. On the other view, which I argue for in this paper, containment is virtual, and the predicates “follow from” the CIC but are not explicitly contained in it. I characterize the differences between these views and give both pragmatic and textual reasons to prefer the second. I show also how the first view leads to serious problems in Leibniz’s infinite analysis theory of contingency–problems that have led many scholars to dismiss the theory as something of an embarrassment for Leibniz. I offer an alternative construal of analysis, one that is compatible with the revised view of containment that I argue for, and show that it is both textually grounded and able to resolve many of the issues commonly associated with the infinite analysis theory.